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Rebase Consulting is the only consulting company combining the benefits of being a freelancer and working in a company — in a single and unique package.

With us you can be your own boss without the drawbacks of business uncertainties.

Rebase company model

Employees are Shareholders

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Employee benefits

Community & partnership

Established in 2020, Rebase Consulting is new and fresh. If you want, you can make an impact in developing the company. On the other hand, you may just focus on your customer projects and balance your work and personal life as you wish.

We believe in fairness. Everyone committed to the success of the company should also be allowed to be a partner. This means we offer all our people an opportunity to become shareholders of the company.

Employment assurance

Every employee has the security of employment and social security according to the Finnish law which provides e.g. pension, vacation, sick leave payment, travel expenses and much more.

In addition, you get premium healthcare. The insurance covers the costs of treatment by specialist physicians and equivalent practitioners if you have received a referral from the occupational health care.


Rebase is part of Gofore's ecosystem, which provides benefits that other small companies cannot provide: A steady flow of various projects, digital services, HR, finance department and legal counselling.

The financial situation of Rebase is stable and secured. Therefore, our people can focus on their daily work.

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Freelancer benefits

Top salary

Our salary model is simple. Your gross salary is 50% of what you bill and Rebase will pay employer side costs.

Salaries have been around 7000 - 9000€/month with 100% utilisation rate.

70 %4620519857756930
80 %5280594066007920
90 %5940668374258910
100 %
Gross salary example for September 2020. (22 working days, 37,5 hours/week).

In case you are waiting for a project, we also provide 5000 €/month as a base salary for your first six months, and 3000 €/month after that.

Flat by default

Rebase does not have career ladders, middle management or seniority levels: We’re all equal.

As an added bonus, there is no need for salary discussions!


We don't define how much you work: You can choose e.g. only 4 days a week (80%) or allocate more hours (e.g. 120%) than regularly. Salary is adjusted according to your allocation. See salary table for examples.

No assignments will be imposed on you: choose your project from a project pool based on your skills and interests.

Work remotely or from our office in the heart of Helsinki. For us, it doesn't matter where you work. However, keep in mind that clients might require some presence on their premises.

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