We provide unique hands-on technology experts to lead, support, and spear head the digital transformation.

We provide expertise in 3 different key areas

Rebase services

Software engineering

Architecture design //

Cloud //

Software Development

In the culture of modern software engineering, architecture, cloud and development go hand-in-hand.

Architecture design

We provide talent from high-level architecture design to the hands-on implementation - from B2B services to mission-critical back-office systems. The purpose of architecture is to support the lifecycle of the system. Our architects ensure that the lifetime cost of a product is minimised, and the right architectural decisions are made.


We can transfer your existing products into modern cloud environments or help you with delivering something completely new, tailored for your needs. Our goal is to help our customers on their cloud journey and help to achieve the benefits cloud has to offer. Our preferred technologies are Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Software Development

We do software development and deliver solutions with modern technologies and ways of working. We can help in migrating your legacy services towards more modern and scalable solutions. We prefer to use open-source technologies and, JVM-based languages (Java, Scala, Kotlin) and .NET among others.


User research //

UX design //

Design systems

Modern development practices have a high emphasis on customer and user experience. Modern UX practices are needed to build success stories.

User research

Understanding the users' needs and behaviour is a necessity for a successful business and customer experience. Our user research methods include e.g. conducting user interviews, persona creation, usability testing and customer journey mapping. Our experts can mentor or conduct user research – depending on your needs.

UX design

From understanding the customer to creating successful user experience, our UX designers can provide sustainable design solutions tailored for your needs. Our design services include UI, UX and visual design, UX strategy planning and coaching on UX processes, UX trainings and workshops.

Design systems

Design systems have been proven to be more than a trend in today's design work. We have experience in designing and maintaining a design system and implementing component libraries, for example with React or Angular. Check out Anmar’s blog post about design systems!

Agile evolution

Scrum Master //

Agile coaching

We can help your organisation in being more adaptive with practices from various Agile methodologies to meet your needs.

Scrum Master

Our scrum masters are experts who are capable of streamlining the work and improving the communication of a team. We can help the teams, product owners and other stakeholders in charge to work better together and to head to the same direction.

Agile coaching

Our Agile coaches can in improve existing teams and overall work in the organisation by coaching teams, individuals and train teams into an agile mindset. An external observer can often recognise dysfunctional practices and help organisations develop.


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