We provide unique hands-on technology experts to lead, support, and spear head the digital transformation.

We provide extertise in 3 different key areas

Rebase services

Software engineering

Architecture design //

Cloud //

Software Development

Software engineering

In the culture of modern software engineering architecture, cloud-native applications and development goes hand-in-hand.

Architecture design

We provide exceptional talent from high-level design to the hands-on implementation. This means architecture design built on cloud-native environments that will work equally well for five or five million users.

Having worked years with software engineering both in public and private sector, our specialists will have you covered, be it B2C service or mission-critical back-office systems.


We can help you with delivering something completely new, tailored for your needs. Or transfer your existing products into modern cloud environments. Often our customers also need our help to boost and optimise their development pipelines, and to secure and galvanize their core products or services to meet the growing needs of their demanding customers. We can also provide you a second opinion on your ongoing software development practices, architecture design and cloud infrastructure.

Benefit from the knowledge of our professionals from various fields of expertise.

Software Development

UI animations or complex backends? Our experienced consultants can deliver high quality development solutions with modern technologies and ways of working.

We can also help in migrating your legacy services towards more modern and scalable solutions.


User research //

UX design //

UX strategy //

UX coaching //

Design systems


Modern development practices have a high emphasis on customer and user experience. Modern UX practices are needed to build success stories.

User research

Understanding user needs and behaviour is a necessity for successful business and customer experience.

Our methods include e.g. conducting user interviews, persona creation, usability testing, customer journey mapping and expert reviews.

Our experts can mentor or do user research for your needs to build a success story.

UI/UX design

From understanding the customer to creating successful user experience, our UI/UX designers can provide iterative interaction design & prototyping, information architecture design, UI kit & design system expertise, visual design and front-end development with UX emphasis.

UI/UX design

UX strategy

UX strategy is important for planning and approaching products or services. Good strategy helps to align business, user needs and technical capabilities and to solve the right problems.

Our designers can validate and discover value propositions, do digital strategy planning and validate business or product ideas or help with defining MVP features and prioritize.

UX strategy

Design systems

Design systems have been proven to be more than a trend in today's design work.

Rebase consultants have experience on designing and maintaining a design system and implementing component libraries for example with React or Angular.

Be that a fully functional design system, component library or just aligning the design closer to development cycle, we are happy to help and aid you in the process.

Check out Anmar’s blog post about design systems!

Design systems

UX coaching

Are you missing UX expertise on certain areas in your company or project or do you want to just train your people towards user-centred thinking?

We can provide consultancy on UX processes, procedures, workflows and tools, provide UX trainings, business and product innovation workshops and conduct UX/UI audits.

Agile evolution

Scrum Master //

Agile coaching //

Product owner work //

Organisational design

Agile evolution

In the ever-changing business environment adaptability is the key success factor. It is not about knowing what Agile methodologies or frameworks are or how they are used – adaptability is the key.

It’s both, making your organisation to adapt in the changing business situations and adapting best practices from various Agile methodologies and frameworks to best meet your needs in your environment.

Scrum Master

In our thinking, our consultants do not have set-in-stone roles or checklists. Rather, if you need a scrum master for your project, we will provide an expert who is capable of streamlining the work of your team and improve the communication, help business analysts and product owners work better together and make sure everyone is always on the same page.

Agile coaching

If your organisation needs help in improving existing teams or overall work in the organisation, we also coach teams and individuals and train teams into agile mindset. In our experience, external observer can often recognise dysfunctional practices and help organisations improve.

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