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We offer the freedom to choose your projects, work schedule, and base of operations — including being remote. All with one simple and unbeatable salary model. With us, you can be your boss without the risk, stress, or administrative burden.

Top Salary

Our salary model is simple. Your gross salary is 50% of whatever you bill, and Rebase pays employer-side costs. Historically average salaries have been around 7000 - 8500 €/month, with utilisation rates above 99%. Our top priority is making sure that everyone has a billable project. If you do ever find yourself waiting for work, we cover you with a 5000 € base salary in your first six months, and 3000 € after that.

Are you interested Are you interested in specific salary information? Check out the open positions, where the average salaries for each role are listed.

Hourly rate
100 €/h
100 %
Your salary
Utilisation80 €/h100 €/h120 €/h140 €/h
Gross salary example (21 working days, 37,5 hours/week).



The Gofore Group ecosystem provides a steady flow of diverse projects for our experts. Our participation in the group is how we can offer everyone long-lasting (6-12 month) work opportunities and reliably full utilisation at attractive rates. Gofore also provides critical business functions like HR, finance, legal, and project sales.

Beyond the Gofore ecosystem, Rebase also collaborates with well-known partners like Siili, Vincit, eWork, Solita, HiQ, Right People Group and Ite wiki.

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We don’t define how much you work. You choose how much of your time you allocate—from part time to full time or more. Salary adjusts based on how much you work. Try out our potential earnings calculator to see see some examples. With Rebase you’re never required to take on any you’re not interested in. We set you up with a project pool that match your skills and preferences, and you have total freedom to choose.

Beyond that, we’re proudly a remote-first company, so for us, it doesn’t matter where you work. The only exceptions are when a chosen client project requires you to be on site with them, but this is something you’ll be aware of in advance of signing on.


Care & Assurance

Care & Assurance

The benefits you get with Rebase go far beyond those required by law. We base our benefits package on what’s desirable and competitive in the IT services sector. You’ll get paid sick and family leave, reimbursed travel expenses, a holiday bonus and much more. You also get premium healthcare.

As an employer, you can rest easy that Rebase is financially sound and secure, as wee proudly boast the maximum AA+/AAA credit rating. So you can focus on your work and know that it’s not going anywhere.

Community & Partnership

Founded in 2020, we're still fresh and new, so our experts have real input and a chance to help mold the company. On the other hand, you may focus on your customer projects and balance your work and personal life as you wish.

We believe in fairness. Everyone committed to the company's success should also be allowed to be a partner. This means we offer all our people an opportunity to become company shareholders.

Community & Partnership

Flat by default

Flat by default

We don’t have career ladders, middle management, senior privileges or revolving negotiations around salary or job level. As a professional group of experts working for ourselves, we are all equal. You run your projects and earn in accordance with the rates you set and the hours you work. That’s all there is to it.


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