Rebase, here to re-innovate jobs for leaders.

As a software consulting company we provide a base for bold people who fight complexity and guide organisations in their digital journey.

We are now looking for bold tech people to join and build the company with us!

A base for bold leaders.

Having worked decades in the consulting business, we wanted to create something new. Rebase was established in 2020 to enable developers, designers and strategists to fight complexity and do what they love most.

Rebase does not have managerial roles or bureaucracy and the compensation is provision based. We are an independent company, but a part of the Gofore Plc ecosystem. Our aim is to have sustainable profitable growth. We are a diverse and inclusive company.

For our future clients

We provide unique hands-on technology experts to lead, support, and spear head the digital transformation.

For our future people

Rebase Consulting is the only consulting company combining the benefits of being a freelancer and working in a company in a single and unique package.

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