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Giving Back series:
Lauri Hahne

Time to introduce yet another Rebaser in our Rebase Giving Back series.

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In this series, in addition to showing what our employees are like, we also donate to a charity or institution of our employees´ choice. On a sunny summer day, we met Lauri Hahne in the beautiful shores of Espoo. Lauri has been working in the field of IT already for quite some time. What’s his story?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I didn’t really have a dream job. However, I did have a strong suspicion that I would study engineering. I did end up getting a master’s degree in signal processing. I haven’t done much signal processing since the university, but I have used other skills that I learned while studying.

I had a strong conviction that Rebase could provide a vibrant working environment and interesting projects as part of the Gofore group.

Why did you choose to join Rebase?

I was looking for new challenges within the industry. I knew Rebase’s co-founders Juhana and Kustaa from an earlier stage of my career. I had a strong conviction that Rebase could provide a vibrant working environment and interesting projects as part of the Gofore group. This combined with a freelance-like employment model would surely match any other offer in the market.

Rebase also provides many financial benefits such as the possibility to become a partner, Gofore’s employee stock purchase plan, and other effective reward schemes. All these combined make the total compensation better that in many other consultancies which have a similar salary model as we do.

What's the best thing about your current job?

I can both work in an interesting project and influence the direction of our company. Rebase’s flexible working hours and salary structure allow me to have a good work-life balance. In practice it means that I don’t need to care about my working hours as longs as my customer is happy with my contributions.

Share a blog post/book / talk / tweet (etc.) that taught you something new

Early Retirement Extreme introduced me to the concept of financial independence. The book is somewhat extreme, but it has many timeless ideas about reaching the level of wealth that allows one to lead a life where they don’t need to think about money anymore.

How do you relax?

I go and have a walk. I do this every morning before I start to work. In addition, I lift heavy weights at the gym a couple of times a week. I never listen to any music, audio books, or podcasts while exercising. This gives me time to think and brings a meditative quality to exercising.

What is your superpower?

I know a little about everything.

Tell us where we should donate this time and why?

Rebase should donate to Tampere University. It is important to support education and research. This is what drives economic growth and wellbeing of people. In addition, the government matches any donations 2:1 until the end of June. I’m personally an alumnus of Tampere University of Technology which has merged into the University of Tampere. I know that they do solid education and research work.

Was it challenging to choose the charity?

It was somewhat difficult to pick the charity. Previous Rebasers had chosen well-known charities like Lastenklinikoiden Kummit. I wanted to pick one that has impact in the realm of economics and technology.

What advice would you give to your ten years younger self?

Be even more clear with your priorities. It is good that you have always had priorities and acted on those. However, the better and more precise priorities you have, the easier it is to make your life revolve around those.

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